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What is covered by commercial auto insurance in Florida?

By Business Insurance

Commercial auto insurance covers injuries that you or your employees may cause to other people and their property while driving.A typical commercial auto policy may include:Liability coverageMedical payments coverageComprehensive coverageCollision coverageUninsured and underinsured motorist coverageCoverage for vehicles you rent or borrowCoverage for employees who use their cars for businessThere are three basic parts of every commercial auto policy:Physical damage insurance − […]

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Cars with AutoPilot?

By Auto Insurance

Some people say that we will be driving a car of the future with holographic technology and augmented reality soon. Why not start receiving the benefits today?TJC Insurance, top car insurance benefits with advance technology.Call us and receive your Car Insurance Quote!Save money in your car insurance policy in Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, DC, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.  […]

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4 EASY Tips – Avoid WC Audit Bill

By Workers Compensation

When it comes to avoiding surprises with insurance coverage and premiums, much of the responsibility is on the policyholders. The owner should report changes in payroll, locations and operations to their agent and insurer as soon as possible. 1. Payroll Changes: By far, unreported new employees and payroll changes are the top reason that businesses may owe additional premiums at the time of the final premium audit. Owners neglect to notify their agents or their insurance company of t […]

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¿Qué tipo de seguros comerciales necesita tu compañía en Florida?

By Business Insurance

El tipo de cobertura de seguro comercial que necesitas en Florida depende del tipo de compañía que tengas. Por ejemplo, un servicio que se especializa en remover árboles y trabaja con equipos peligrosos tendrá mayores riesgos y necesidades diferentes en comparación con un diseñador de páginas web.Un contratista que hace trabajos de remodelaciones o un contratista que hace trabajos de techo tiene más riegos que alguien que hace trabaj […]

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Descubre tus beneficios en tu seguro de Florida

By Seguro de Autos

​​La cobertura de responsabilidad civil se requiere legalmente en Florida y cubre los daños al vehículo del otro conductor en el caso de ser culpable en un accidente. Los límites de coberturas en Florida se dividen en 3 categorías y el mínimo de coberturas es $10,000/$20,000/$10,000 y se explica a continuación:Cobertura por daños físicos de $10,000 por persona. Esta es la cantidad máxima que pagaría tu segur […]

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