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Id theft can be devastating. Protect your good name

By November 18, 2021Insurance

Identity theft insurance

One of the most satisfying experiences we live is when we buy our first home. However, it could become a nightmare if after the purchase process your identity is stolen.

Let me explain. Some have had the bad experience that after buying their home, they face identity theft with multiple financial accounts open in their name in different states. Identity theft can be devastating.

Consider purchasing identity theft protection coverage along with your homeowners insurance policy. If you become a victim of this HUGE PROBLEM, the company will reimburse you up to the maximum amount of coverage offered for the expenses incurred and provide access to a resolution company. It’s super affordable, some companies offer the coverage for as low as $45 per year, less than $4 per month.

Protect what matters to you! Protect your good name, don’t think that this will not happen to you. I learned the hard way.

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